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French Day - French Chat - French'n Pastry

Atelier francais

Marie-Claude Lafitole
graduate Alliance Française

FRENCH DAY on wednesday from 09:00 to 10:30 am

FRENCH CHAT  on wednesday from 10h45 to 12h15 am
FRENCH'N PASTRY on Monthly scheduled - on thrd wedn - from 13:30 to 16:30 am

French day

This workshop will give you the keys for managing your stay in France, understanding, speaking and organizing in French, whether it be for presenting yourself, purchasing, asking for information...at the Town Hall, the school, the station, the market or the doctor.

You will learn common expressions and understand some French customs. Each theme corresponds to an everyday situation and you will be able to study the grammar and vocabulary associated with this specific situation.
Using real situations in paper, audio or video form, we will analyse the meaning and interactions between people. Priority will be given to oral comprehension and expression. You can extend the pleasure of talking French together, sharing a tea in our kitchen !

Beginning: Wed. October 4th - 6 pers. maxi

French chat
In this workshop, you will become more spontaneous and fluent in the subjects you choose. You will correct your main grammar and pronunciation mistakes, so that you will be able to make yourself understood and improve your comprehension in a French conversation.

The themes are chosen from news and cultural, historical, sports themes, etc. Or they quite simply come from questions that you would like an answer to. You can bring your own conversational props-written, audio, video, newspaper article...The discussion will be all the better !
We can extend the pleasure of communicating in French, sharing a lunch together in our kitchen.

Requested level : B1 (already managing in French for everyday life)

Beginning: Wed. October 4th - 6 pers. maxi

All included fares: 18€/atelier ou 160€/10 workshops, usable within 3 months
3€ Membership of Association J.A.D.E.S

French'n pastry
Aim: Conviviality is the word to describe this workshop that will take place in the kitchen to make the delicious pastry 'du jour'*. You will learn little secrets to make amazing traditional Baba au rhum, Tarte Tatin, Choux, Iles flottantes and other goodies…and you will become familiar with French cooking vocabulary, studying the recipe together :
- the ingredients
- the quantities
- the cooking ustensils and kitchen equipment
- the different action verbs
...and lots of other ways of describing a cooking process, including certain typical French expressions linked to food.
After spending an excellent time sharing our own-made pastry, you will leave the workshop with your recipe card...and a home-made sweet gift to share with family or friends.

Beginning: Wed. October 18th: Tarte Tatin - November 15th: Baba au rhum
5 pers. maxi

All included fares: (documents, ingredients) 22€/atelier ou 95€/5 workshops
3€ Membership of Association J.A.D.E.S

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